The Ideology Of Overcoming Inequality

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The ideology of overcoming inequality can be very complex in which many people around the world still suffer from social inequality today. Although this issue has been around for many years, through the support from social welfare agencies, human service organizations and working together as a community assists on constructing a much healthier and stable society for individuals to live in. Social agencies and human service organizations occur so that services and resources of our social welfare system can be distributed to people in need.
The concept of a social agency can be a private or government run organization that have locations purposes set out in the form of mission and policy statements and programs designed to provide services to defined groups of clients. It is “a structured unit, sanctioned by society, whose goals and activities focus on meeting human needs” (Turner, 209). Majority of social agencies are considered to be primary social work settings in which is known to have professional social workers. With human service organizations, they are recognized as secondary settings for social work practice such as hospitals, schools, government departments; as these human service organizations employ social workers. Without out the help and support from social agencies and human service organizations, it is difficult to visualize Canadian society without them as their existence offers individuals human spirit that moves us to care for strangers’ well-being.

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