The Ideology Of Planned Parenthood

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The Ideology of Planned Parenthood Prolife or prochoice? This is the debate that seems ongoing for as long as I can remember yet seems to have risen in intensity over the years. We have more recently seen things in the news about defunding Planned Parenthood and there always seems to be protestors on the streets no matter where you go screaming at you their point of view. This essay will focus around the ideology of Planned Parenthood as an organization. Why would people dislike an organization so open to the idea of a human’s right to choose what happens in their own body? I would like to look at both viewpoints of this argument because even though I have my own beliefs I have always been very intrigued in others as well. While I could easily write a paper simply on prolife or prochoice I want to go deeper than that into this well known, and well-argued topic. I will mainly focus on the defunding argument of the organization as well as what they stand for as a whole and what will happen if they no longer exist. The most recent debate to hit the news has been the defund Planned Parenthood vote done by the House of Representatives which passed by a close vote of 240-189. Although passed it did go on to be vetoed later on down the path to it becoming a true thing. In the mind of the people who thought it was best not only was there the usual argument of it’s a life but we also got a new side of the argument, tax dollars. According to statistics Planned Parenthood gained
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