The Iguana Tree Summary Essay

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The Iguana Tree Summary The novel The Iguana Tree describes what a person might go through to come to the America. There are many different reasons to want to come to the America such as a job, to attend school, and a better life, etc. A reason to come over illegally would be not having the money to be able to afford the legal fees to come legally. In this novel, the man wanted to come to the America to find a job, to make more money for his family. Once he had enough money he was going to have his wife and child brought over to be with him. When the man started his journey to come across to America, he was taken to an old, run down, dark house. When Hector arrived at the house another man (Miguel) was already there waiting to be…show more content…
While going through a hard time of her husband being gone and he grandmother passing away, Lilia wanted so bad to cross into America to have her family together. An old friend of Lilia’s from school offered to help get her and her child across to America. Seeing that she trusted the man she decided to allow him to help her. Lilia and her baby had to go with different coyotes. She went to the house of the man that was to be her coyote; he took Lilia to a woman coyote that would bring the child across. After leaving her baby with the woman, Lilia and her coyotes started their journey in a truck. She was to ride on the back that was covered with the man that was not driving; along the journey, the coyote raped her. They arrived at a river, which she had to swim across. Once across the water, she had to wait in a junk yard in the back of a car for someone to show up and call for her. She was taken to a house, where she would get her new identification, a new life. This is where she awaited for her child and her husband. While she was waiting she had to cut and dye her hair, she also watched a man being murdered. Day’s passes and her child never arrived, but Hector did. Hector was grateful to see his wife, but very upset that his child had not arrived. Hector, Lilia, and Miguel tried to figure out how to find the child, but had no luck. Hector asked his boss and his wife to help but they also had no

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