The Iliad : An Epic Poem Essay

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The Iliad is known to be one of the most influential books of all time alongside with the Bible. Influential when it comes to art, architecture, TV, movies, music, religion, etc. There have been many things out there that have been influenced and continue to be influence by the Iliad. The Iliad is an epic poem written by Greek Poet Homer that revises the final weeks of the Trojan war and the Greek siege of the city of Troy. This epic poem introduces us to some of the mightiest Greek gods known to be in a Greek mythology. Just like the Iliad, the Bible would also be recognized as an influential book in all parts of the world. With its short stories that include war, romance, miracles, and other characteristics that a classical hero may have. Both these books are filled with extravagant and mythical stories that will keep your attention. In the Iliad we have Zeus who is the king of the gods and the ruler of Mount Olympus. He 's known as the god of the sky, lighting, thunder, law, order, and justice. In the Bible we have Jesus Christ, he is known to be the Messiah. He 's the king of all kings, God, our Shepard, and many more. The Iliad can have possibly influenced modern Christianity in ways similar to having higher powers/rulers. The birth of Jesus could be known to be one the unusual births of all time. Jesus was born from Mary who happened to be his mother and Joseph his father. The odd side to this was that Mary was still a virgin when she was told by an angle that she
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