The Iliad And The Odyssey

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Homer is the author of the Iliad and the Odyssey. There is very little known about Homer, and even some doubt that the same author wrote the Iliad and the Odyssey. The Iliad and the Odyssey are epic poems and a vast array of characters in the Iliad were also in the Odyssey. In Book 3 of the Odyssey Homer writes about a great king’s experiences in Egypt.Herodotus wrote The Histories, an inquiry into the reasons behind the Persian Wars. The Histories is written in prose, not poem form. Much more is known about Herodotus than Homer. The hometown of Herodotus is known (he tells us within the first three words of The Histories) as well as the fact that he wrote The Histories. In Book 2 of The Histories Herodotus writes about Egypt. He gives…show more content…
The same concept of a connection through time must apply to other concepts of tradition. Literary tradition is the specific tradition that will be under consideration for the remainder of this work. Literary tradition, which moves from physical acts to written expression, must still be within the “boundaries” of a tradition; it must occur with regularity and be passed down through generations. Tradition is harder to identify when working with written works for many reasons. One is the problem of plagiarism, an author can not simply take the same story or the same characters of a story and pass them off as their own. They can not do exactly what the previous authors did or take the same idea and personalize it. In the case of literary tradition, traits like the style, intent, and content must be the determining factors which categorize which works are part of the same tradition. Furthermore, in order for works to be in the same tradition, there has to be a traceable connection of the traits from one of the works to the other work, or, alternatively, both works can be traced back to the same work that is different than the other two.
Since the Odyssey and The Histories are quite ancient, there are not many books that are old enough to be used as a source for both authors. Therefore, I will not be looking for a common source that the two works draw from. Instead, I will look for commonalities between the Odyssey and The Histories, specifically how The Histories draws

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