The Iliad By Homer And With The Old Breed

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When reading the Iliad by Homer and With the old Breed by E. B. Sledge, the two stories that revolve around warfare are surprisingly different. Not because of the time period but because of how warfare is viewed in each of these works. In the Iliad, warfare is not only conducted differently but it is viewed as a very heroic and noble thing. Throughout the Iliad, Homer avoids all of the gruesome or evil topics of warfare and simple shows the noble aspects, so much so that he ensures that most of the important characters get a heartfelt and heroic monologue before they die. On the other hand With the old Breed by E. B. Sledge shows warfare to the exact opposite of what Homer has portrayed, a mentally taxing experience that most of the time breaks the soldiers to the point where they would never be the same. According to Shay, “The Iliad is a work of poetry, not sociological or historical scholarship”(Shay, 121). Seeing as how the Iliad focuses more on only positive aspects of war, Shay is correct in his statement. These two works are vastly different from one another through their descriptions of the various aspects of warfare. One difference of the two works is the kind of weaponry that was used. Not the fact that one book had guns and the other had swords, but the impact of having those types of weapons. In the Iliad, the only kind of long range weapons were bows and arrows which could not shoot too far so you could always see who was attacking you. However, in With the old

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