The Iliad By Homer

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The Iliad By Homer was created in the late 5th-early 6th century A.D. This Epic was a best seller, but the publishing date and publisher is unknown, due to the story being so old.
The Iliad is around 576 pages long. Some facts that have to do with the Iliad that are not well knows include the name Homer resembling the greek word for “hostage.” Also, taking place after the events of the Iliad, Aeneas supposedly survives the war and goes on to become the founder of roman culture. Going on to a different matter, why did I even choose to read this book? I chose to read the Iliad for my book report because I had heard of it before often, and I felt it would be an interesting read based on what I had previously heard about it. I thought not many of my fiends would of read it before. If I read the book, then I would be able to motivate my friends to read it too. I looked up some reviews online about this book and they were all amazing so I decided to give it a shot, and I was not disappointed. Reading this book was enjoyable. I felt myself really drawn into the story.

The Iliad takes place in the battle of Troy during the Bronze age. This stories point of view it is told in in omniscient third person with a tone showing commiseration and irony.
Starting with three divinities, Hera, Aphrodite, and Athene. They came to the man with the greatest judgment in the land to choose whom was the most beautiful. When Paris chose Aphrodite, he was promised the most beautiful maiden to be

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