The Illegal Drug Business

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The Drug Business Paper
The smuggling of drugs has been a part of the society for over a century in most parts of the world. This form of business has flourished mostly in the developed countries such as the United States of America, where the demand for drugs is high while there is no or very small production in the country. The production in the countries where drugs such as cocaine, heroin, cannabis, etc are supplied is banned mostly under the respective local laws, and therefore the drug trafficking business is used to bring in the supply in these countries as these markets have the potential of earning the drug business cartels huge amounts of money.
The history of the illegal drug business in the United States
The illegal trade of drugs across borders has primarily grown because of the increased prohibitions of drug trading in many countries by their governments and the mass amount of money that is involved to be profited from in its trade. The government of the United States of America has taken several steps in its history in order to restrict or end drug trafficking in the country. Socially, the American culture has been vastly affected by the introduction of drugs in the system. The stance of the governments that have run the country has been totally against drugs in the last century as the government aims to get rid of the bad social and environmental effects of these drugs.
As industrialization progressed and new trade routes were being
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