The Illegal Proceeding of Christ's Trial

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Humans are anything but perfect, but can a a group of people stray away from the proper code of law so much so that it become illegal, by accident? Jesus' trial was filled with these “mistakes.” One writer said this about the trial of Christ, “...the condemnation and execution of Jesus Christ was absolutely illegal, unwarranted, and worse than atrocious...”1 Jesus had four main enemies and many things that were illegal against him, but he is our Lord. Jesus' enemies were the Pharisees, Sadducees, the Herodians, and the Chief Priests. They each had their own reasons for hating Jesus. The Pharisees hated Jesus because they thought he broke the law and blasphemed. They were also were afraid that he would take away what they had…show more content…
Nicodemus was not at the meeting either.9 In the Bible it says in Mark that false witnesses stood up and witnessed against him. If they knew that false witnesses were witnessing against Jesus, that means they were not following the law. According to Deuteronomy, lying deserved the death penalty and according to Jewish law, Jews did not allow those that are lying to testify.10 Jesus was also self-incriminated. This was illegal. In Deuteronomy it says that it had to be two or three witness to condemn someone. According to the Jewish law it says no one can incriminate themselves. Besides this, the charge of blasphemy was false. Christ was telling the truth, so this means that he could not have blasphemed.11 Since all of the witnesses were false witnesses and only self-incrimination, it seems as though there was no defense witnesses. Besides this, the Bible says that they all condemned, which means that they unanimously voted against him. Doing this was against the law, the law said that a person could not be unanimously condemned if no one had defended him.12 Not only were procedures wrong, but the place of condemnation was also wrong. Jewish law stated that sentences could not be pronounced in any other place than the appointed place in the temple. According to Mark 14:53, the sentence was pronounced in the High Priest's house.13 The place of the sentence was not the only thing wrong with the condemnation, but the charges changed three times. First,

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