The Illicit Trade Of Drugs For Terrorism

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Our globe is plagued by a number of issues, one of the most pressing and widespread being terrorism. The nation of Cameroon believes that through international cooperation, this body of the United Nations can solve one of the major facets that contributes to terrorism: narcoterrorism. The illicit trade of drugs for terrorism funding is debilitating to large and small nations alike, and must be debated and resolved in a manner most timely and suitable to its nature.
Recently, the country of Cameroon has seen an influx of crime pertaining to acts of Narcoterrorism. Not too long ago, in the summer of 2013, West Africa acquired a lot of attention due to an influx of organized crime, pertaining to not only the Andean ‘cocaine route’ to Europe, but also radical Islamist militancy in the Sahel and the Sahara desert. Due to a large and growing number of radical Islamist terrorist organizations based in or around Cameroon, such as Boko Haram (which is based in a fellow West African state, Nigeria, and just recently kidnapped two French people trying to leave Cameroon), narcoterrorism has been a growing worry among the Cameroonian people and government. Along with the large and growing number of radical Islamist terrorist organizations, Central and Western Africa has also seen a sharp rise in the industry of drug trafficking. In Cameroon, officials working with Interpol blame a growth in the drug trade on an an ongoing crackdown on traffickers in neighboring West
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