The Illinois State Board Of Education

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As schools in Illinois transition to the new Common Core State Standards (CCSS), the Illinois State Board of Education (ISBE) has taken steps to provide districts with resources to aid in this transition. ISBE has created five foundational services with the goal of creating educational continuity throughout the state, from Rockford to Cairo. These five foundational services include continuous improvement planning, balanced assessment, teacher evaluation, new Illinois learning standards for mathematics, and new Illinois learning standards for English Language Arts (ELA). Our district began transitioning to the CCSS a few years ago. In doing so, we took some professional development days to analyze the CCSS and compare these new…show more content…
Our local ROE recently offered a two-day professional development workshop focused on the new Illinois learning standards for English Language Arts. This workshop provided an overview of nine ELA shift kits. These kits are provided by ISBE to aid classroom teachers in the shift to the CCSS. For this evaluation of a reading program, I have chosen to evaluate the usefulness of these ELA shift kits and my school’s familiarity with these ELA shifts. Components of Evaluation To begin my evaluation, I wanted to find out what my teaching peers already knew about the ELA shift kits. I was also curious as to overall knowledge of our school’s focus on literacy and our student’s literacy needs. Therefore, I created a needs assessment to collect this information. I distributed to the needs assessment to our high school teachers and staff, which is twenty-three total members, not including myself. These members consist of eighteen teachers, two classroom aides, one guidance counselor, and two building administrators. The needs assessment consists of eleven total questions. The first nine questions employed a rating scale of 1 through 5. Question ten asked participants to choose one of the nine ELA shift kits on which they’d like to receive more information. Finally, question eleven asked teachers to rate our school’s progress on creating
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