The Illuminati And How It effects People

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The Word “Illuminati” is thrown around to describe the secret elite group that many say run the world. Their power lies in the magical rituals and the economy (Money) creates their power. The Illuminati is a secret society that use unorthodox and sometimes a violent method of getting success or to “rule”. When one is Desperate for success they’ll be at a point in life that they’ll do anything for fame, even if it means worshiping Satan.
Even though Christians see people of the illuminati bad, they are actually very organized individuals. The Illuminati has been a secret society since 1776 that begun as a science group. It stayed a secret for over 20 years before it leaked as a satanic revolution from hell. As generations went on, they
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Very Popular Beyonce (Rapper Jay-Z’s wife) is influenced with the illuminati as well. She nicknamed herself “Sasha Fierce” as an alter ego that many believe is the name of the demonic figure that lives inside her. Beyonce has expressed several interviews that as she performs on stage something takes over her that she can’t control, and the figure causes her to do things that she normally don’t. She also mentions while in this state, she loses consciousness of her body. During an interview with the magazine Marie Claire Beyonce states “I have an out- of- body experience when I’m on stage. If I cut my leg, or fall, I don’t even feel it. When I’m at this state I’m Fearless.”
The Illuminati is recognized to cause chaos around the world. For years there has been many conspiracies on how illuminati was behind the 9-11 Terrorist attack, and how many believe that the 43rd President of the United States (George W. Bush) had planned it all from the beginning. Before President Bush was elected President in 2000 it wasn’t until his second term in office when the media found out he was a member of the “Skulls & Bones” association. Research shows that in order to be in this Membership you have to be a Pure Illuminist, Meaning worshiping Lucifer, doing Rituals, and selling his soul to the devil and being damned to hell. Here’s some WTC facts from ( that proves the terrorist attack had
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