The Illustrated Man By Ray Bradbury

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Robert Suriel Dr. Keane Language Skills 12-19-14 The Illustrated Man In our Language skills class, we are reading Illustrated Man by Ray Bradbury. This book is about short stories that take place in future. All of the short stories are based on different themes. For example in the short story, The Veldt theme is technology is controlling our lives. In the story the Veldt the house is fully programmed and high tech. The house takes over everything inside the house, even the roles of mothers and fathers. The three stories I am talking about today is the Marionettes, Inc, The City and Zero Hour. Marionettes, Inc opens up when two men are walking slowly down the street. Then it tells us their age, boy men where thirty five years old. Their names were Smith and Braling. Then Smith asked Braling “Your first time out in years and you go home at ten o’clock.” then a little after Smith said “I wonder how do you manage it. I’ve been trying to get you out for ten years for a quiet drink. And now, on the one night, you insist on turning in early.” “Then Smith asked him how were you able to get out of the house by putting sleeping powder in your wife?” He responded with “no, that will be unethical. You will see soon enough.” Then Smith replied with “I hate to say this, but you have been patient with her. You may not admit it to me, but marriage has been awful for hasn’t it?” Then Braling starts to tell a story and he begins saying, “it’s got around , anyway, how she got
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