The Image Coder Block Diagram And Their Respective Graphical Representation

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This report would deal with the image coder block diagram and their block functionalities. This report also deals with wavelet based approximation with the definition of terminologies dealing with distortions such as MSE, PSNR. This report also deals with assignment tasks to be implemented in MATLAB to determine the quality of image and the best imaging filter type and number of decomposition and their respective graphical representation.
The wavelet based image coder would generally begin with the process of transformation of image data from one domain to another domain taking example of a FDCT(Forward Discrete transform) nothing but a discrete time version of a fourier cosine series. This process would not involve any losses since it deals with just transformation. The transform must decorrelate in such a manner no important information of signal is lost. These signals need not be encoded here as they are just being transformed the main process of compression has to be taken place in the next stage. After the signals have been transformed the signal have to be quantized making use of quantisation table wherein at the decoder end these quantization values are multiplied with these signals to retreive the original or reconstructed information signal. The main process happens at tthis stage called as compression. The inverse transform does the process of reconstruction the original signal. The process of quantisation is not invertible and hence the original

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