The Image Of The Nurse

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The Image of the Nurse Judilyn Evangelista Fairleigh Dickinson University Abstract This paper discusses three people used for an interview on their perception of what was nursing. I will discuss how the people I interviewed correlates to scholarly articles, if their perceptions seem to fit with perception of nursing with modern nursing and nursing perceptions years ago. I will compare and contrast their responses to each other and to the evidence provided from articles and draw conclusion from their idea. I will also discuss their perception of nursing roles and if they are also aware of the roles that nurses take on. For this paper I chose three people who has no relations to nursing. while conducting this…show more content…
[chuckles] I just think, ‘good for you’. I guess it is a nice field because it’s a job in the hospital. But not all the work is nice in the hospital” (personal communication, March 25, 2017). I also asked him what he believes are some of the roles of nursing. His response,” I know they can give some medication, maybe something for constipation [chuckles]. Mostly I believe that they follow orders of the doctors. Nothing too serious, because they don’t go through as much schooling as the doctors do. Well, back in my time I felt that some of the women went into that field just to seek doctors and marry them. ….They can probably bathe the patient, help clean them up and talk to the patient when they feel lonely or something. Most of these I’ve seen in movies, which I think some might show what nurses actually do.” (personal communication, March 25, 2017). Next I interviewed one of my neighbors who just happened to be free that day. I asked Ms. B the same question, and she replied with, “I think nursing is a nice field. I’ve been to the hospital serval times throughout my life so far. And I’ve had some really nice nurses. I think they are really caring and spend more time with their patients than doctors, at least from my experiences. I also see some movies and television shows about nursing such as Nurse Jackie and Greys Anatomy but I’m not sure how much of it is actually true and maybe just for
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