The Image Of Visual Culture Essay

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An Image Transmits Information to Public ‘Visual culture’ contains many different media forms ranging from art works to popular film and advertising to visual data, Visual culture looks at how those images transmit messages within a culture (Sturken & Cartwright, 2005, P.1). Individual choice has a high value in the world of consumerism (Sturken & Cartwright, 2005, P.191). KENZO’s advertising use colours and display of the furniture to reflect people 's emotion to express their product design. This essay analyses this advertisement’s surreal image, layout and colour, and the advertisement’s implications of those elements. To explore the information of this advertising want to express to the public. The advertisement is KENZO’s collaboration with art magazine Toilet Paper, in KENZINE Vol. 3, this is the third season of KENZO cooperation with the Toilet Paper magazine. The magazine was published in November 2014. KENZO is a democratic luxury brand, design for the fashionable person, KENZO’s clothes are colourful. Violet, blue and wine red are often appear on KENZO’s clothes. And KENZO’s clothes are often appear on the street photograph, made it become a high street retailer. This advertisement reflects a surreal image, like a fairy tale: Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. The photograph uses colour and space to transmit KENZO’s brand position and theme. The topic of the advertising is called KENZO’s Surreal Trip. At the bottom of the photograph there is the logo of KENZO

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