The Image of Harold Turgis in Angel Pavement

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The Image of Harold Turgis Harold Turgis is one of the main characters of the novel "Angel Pavement" by J. B. Priestley. Harold worked for Twiggs and Dersingham, which dealt with a sale of veneers(фанера) and inlays. His position is described in the novel as Stanley's senior or Mr. Smeeth's junior clerk, which can be explained that he is not a bad worker, but not good enough either, he is somewhere in-between. And this fact doesn't let the reader feel drawn to him from the very beginning of the story. As far as his appearance is concerned, again no one could say that he was handsome but he was not ugly either. "He was in his early twenties, a thinnish, awkward young man, with a rather long neck, poor shoulders, and large clumsy hands and…show more content…
Then life would really begin." But still he was languishing in poverty, visiting on Sundays pictures and teashops, hoping to meet there a wonderful girl, his partner for the whole life, and trying to amuse himself by reading advertisements, the victim of which he was, since nearly every his shilling "was conjured out of his pocket by the richest and most artful advertising managers . "Perhaps that is why his suits bagged so soon, his shoes soaked up the rain, his cigarettes shredded and split, and his amusements failed to amuse", which proves that he didn't possess a critical mind, couldn't analyze his mistakes and make conclusions. However miracles always happen to people who believe in them. Once Lena Golspie came to the office to see her dad and Turgis saw her: "There, like a being from another world, stood a girl all in green, a girl with large brown eyes, the most impudent little nose, and a smiling scarlet mouth, the prettiest girl he had ever seen". Since that very moment she became his dream, his inspiration and goal. If earlier he had just a vague image of a desired girl in his mind, now this image accepted the shape of Lena Golspie. Harold hadn't seen or spoken to her since that time, but he thought and dreamed about her a great deal. He didn't know her but was sure that he already loved her and that made him at least change his appearance: he shaved every

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