The Image of Medieval Western Europe Essay

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The image of medieval western Europe can be attributed to political, religious, economic, and cultural factors. The impulse of expansion, unity under Christianity, trade, and education were key developments within the factors. Ultimetly, these developments contributed to the advancement of medieval western Europe in the postclassical period.
The medieval government in western Europe exercised feudalism which also established the structure of political powers. Kings held the most authority while lords and knights were above peasants. These relationships were able to continue since government was local rather than centralized. Though the government remained local in a majority of kingdoms, leaders wanted to expand their land. Wars became
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The Christian religion was incorporated into political matters. However, it was considered a separate entity with power of its own.
The economy of Western Europe relied on differences between social classes for local agriculture and international trade. Manorialism did institute a social system, but more importantly, it defined the economic roles of a regional kingdom. Peasants cultivated land and paid rent while knights and lords provided military service plus paid homage to the king. Though this system supported life in the early Middle Ages, new agricultural improvements loosened ties between landlords and peasants. Despite the change in peasant obligations to a landlord, agriculture remained vital in markets since its production increased beyond local needs. The growth of urban areas led to specialized manufacturing and other commercial activities such as trade. Also, another aspect of medieval European economic activity was the guild. This gave people the opportunity to specialize in other jobs or crafts that influenced trade productivity. As a result of trade, the use of money across long distance routes introduced banks into western Europe. A large portion of medieval Europe’s economic stability relied upon agriculture and local and international trade.
The culture of Medieval Western Europe focused on education and logical reasoning with faith. Education inspired the construction of
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