The Images Of The Digital Image

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The Digital Image is a relatively new thing in the large scheme of things, with the advancement of technology also came the evolution of this medium. The first instance of digital imaging came with the invention of the camera. Photography as we know it today is usually considered to have begun in 1839 when Louis-Jacques-Mande Daguerre released the Daguerreotype image. Photography would remain from this point a relatively expensive and crude medium that would slowly progress through the years. In 1877 Eadweard Muybridge created a fast shutter that was capable of capturing motion. This in itself was iconic and Eadweard would later be considered a pioneer for the digital image due to his work on locomotion (famously the galloping horse). Photography became available to the average person in 1900, the release of the brownie camera introduced photography to a large audience due to its $1 price tag. As time passed the camera would continue to become more and more developed, in 1963 we had the first point and click camera created by Kodak, in 1988 the famous moon landing photographs were taken and by the early 2000’s many mobile phones also doubled up as cameras. At this point in time photography wasn’t the only medium of digital imaging, computers followed a similar evolution, they would start off basic and inaccessible and then turn into an affordable useful tool. The personal computer led to the evolution of design as a whole, everything would begin to use the modern…
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