The Images Of The Jewish People Within

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Kayla Walcott Gwendolyn Guth English Quebec Writers October 29th 2014 The images of the Jewish people within are represented through the tainting of their culture through the use of negative stereotypes, but even more so by the descriptive examples of anti-Semitism and religious traditions. One of many mentioned stereotypes, is the perception that all Jews are wealthy one of the times that this is asserted is when it states, “If you got it right on your bar-mitzvah who knows but the rich uncle might buy you a Parker 51 set.” (Richler 28). The context of this is when a comparison between European and Jewish children is made, and because of the presumption that a Jewish boy would receive an expensive pen set from his uncle demonstrates the growing stereotype of wealth within the Jewish community. The concept of Jews being rich is adamantly insisted upon by the community and the stereotype attempted to be refuted through statements claiming their wealth as factual as is mentioned. This objection as to if Jewish people are or are not all wealthy is mentioned when the character Takifman insists, “A jew is never poor,” Takifman insisted. “Broke?” Sometimes. Going through hard times? Maybe. In a strange country? Always. But poor, never.” (32). It is strongly maintained by Takifman that Jews are never poor, they always have been and always will be wealthy and that a Jewish person being penniless is abnormal. Jewish culture is emphasized through portrayal of Jewish traditions

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