The Imagination as a Coping Mechanism in You Don’t Know Me by David Klass

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The mind is a place for imagination and for thoughts. People use their thoughts and imagination in many ways to cope with problems. It is used as a place to escape the troubles of the real world. In You Don’t Know Me by David Klass, John copes with his abuse and his teenage life by creating imaginary tribes to provide his alternate outcomes to situations, personifying objects and blaming them for his failures, and giving nicknames describing a bad quality they have. John creates an imaginary tribe to provide alternate outcomes to his problems if he was actually part of this tribe. He constantly states how he wishes he was in this tribe, because to him it would solve his problems. The tribe also has the same views has him, for example they view childhood as an obstacle they must overcome, as does he. Just as John faces his abusive father, the tribe faces an enemy tribe trying to kill them. “Now if I were a Lashasa Palulu, I would probably have kicked him [Stan] in the nose, because one advantage of walking on your hands is that it leaves your feet free for combat, but since I was not born into that tribe that is not a tribe, all I could do was start to cry, because the WHOP hurt so much” (Klass 16). John imagines that he could of beat up Stan and end his abuse if he was part of this tribe. He uses this tribe to come up with an alternate outcome to which he is not abused and all of his troubles with Stan are over. This helps John cope with his abuse. John personifies
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