The Immature Brain Circuitry

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Throughout history, many individuals have proclaimed whether humans are capable of determining their own destiny. Many people have their own arguments about the situation between determined and undetermined, though these claims are not valid they have commenced many thoughts in life. Even though several unknown scenarios have determined a leading destination, we don't know the cause of it. A research called “The Immature Brain Circuitry”was established for a particular reason to see if the brain's structure had a specific function on making decisions. The research began by monitoring the brain and asking candidates to identify the human face emotion. The research went thoroughly as planned and gave many variations of answers that can now be studied. Later on they determine that, “The teens mostly used the amygdala, a small almond shaped region the guides instinctual or “gut” reactions,while the adults relied on the frontal cortex,which…show more content…
A person called Helen Fisher stated that, “Love is a major addiction all around the world.This cause may be harmful in many different ways”, that could contradict into future actions. For example, in the play “Romeo and Juliet” by William Shakespeare,shows how two different characters become star-cross’d lovers that lead to their determined destination.One of the possible scenarios that could be demonstrated as a function in the brain is when Romeo told Benvolio that he had a bad feeling if they went to the party ,but instead Romeo just ignored it (Shakespeare). This can be showed as a sentiment when the brain had to play the role to follow the action that leads to their fate. Some may agree with this statement ,but others may say that the actions they made were from their own choices, not the function in the brain. Personally this statement may true ,but many agree that we all make the choices that lead to our
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