The Immense Changes That Aboriginal People Endured During the Colonization Years

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Whether or not Aboriginal people had left the land to dry for itself is not our concern here. Nor is the aim of this paper to prove the English were right in claiming sovereignty over Australian land, since there is much proof they hadn't even been the first Europeans to meet with "terra nullius". Nevertheless, as history speaks for itself, there's clear evidence Aboriginal people endured immense changes during colonization years, on the land where they stood, cultures unshaken, for thousands of years, before Europe had a say in that. Indeed, what we aim for is to examine some ideas perpetrated along the years in regards to the devastating effects that emerged once the first ship of colonizers arrived. "We've had this debate about Australia was a terra nullius and it was a wasted landscape and people hadn't used it and hadn't farmed it. They've discovered that it probably supported 1.6 bilion lives and that's how productive Aboriginal people were able to make this part of the Earth which has the most irregular and unreliable rain fall and the driest continent on Earth." As historian Janet McCalman (First Australians, Episode 1, 2008) presents her introduction, there's a smile flashing over her face. It's an ironic smile almost as though she's to say if "terra nullius" was what you claimed for sovereignty, well then, Aboriginal people have proved you wrong. And, indeed, if we consider the extend of time people had inhabited this continent long before the interference of
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