The Immigration Act Of West Indies

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Introduction Since the enactment of the 1965 Immigration Act, the United States has seen a huge arrival of West Indian immigrants in New York City, and more so here in Richmond Hill Queens. The names “Caribbean” and “West Indies” are exchangeable, since the countries and islands that make up the West Indies are all situated in or around the Caribbean Sea or have since join the Caribbean Community as member of the CARICOM States. Today, the Guyanese population in Richmond Hill Queens has expanded tremendously and is concentrated mainly in and around areas such as Liberty Avenue which is known as the main business strip in Richmond Hill, South Ozone Park, 101 Avenues and around Rockaway Boulevard and the JFK area.
Moreover, sociologists like Nancy Foner, Mary C. Waters and Philip Kasinitz, have all studied the arrival patterns of this group and documented numerous findings on this groups’ experiences, their level of integration, their cultural and racial identities, and multinational associations but their major focus was on the Afro- migrant experiences and seem to neglect the experiences of the West Indians that were of Indian descent.

Methods and Procedures
This paper will help to analyze the information collected from a series of interviews I have conducted with several women in the in the Richmond Hill area. I talked to about five immigrants, Indo- Guyanese women living in Richmond Hill, Queens, New York for a few hours each. In order to protect these women identities I
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