The Immigration And Naturalization Act For The United States

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1. Introduction The United States has always been termed as land of opportunity which attracted immigrants to come to country so as to manage better living and to cash in employment opportunities. Immigrants coming to US are either low skilled or high skilled people however they have made their significant respective contribution to enable economic growth for the country (Diana, 2014). The Immigration and Naturalization Act provide permanent immigrants limit of 675,000 and these immigrants could be family based like spouse, unmarried minor children and parents of US citizens or employment based immigrants working on temporary visas (AIC, 2014). Presently there are around twelve million immigrants in the US who even have partial papers or no paper works and considered as illegal immigrant. The largest immigrants are Hispanic-Americans who represent the 16.7% of US population (Aguilar, 2013). Immigrants play significant role in driving economy for the US. As per report published by White house in 2012, immigrants improve the ability of country to start new business by thirty percent due to availability of huge workforce. There are around 4.7 million people working in small business owned by immigrants and these businesses generate $776 billion annually. There are highly qualified immigrants like engineers (33%), mathematician (27%) physical scientists (24%) and these qualified immigrants improve the US ability to generate new patent, improve technology and to drive
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