The Immigration Became Illegal By Aviva Chomsky

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Americans may often forget that immigrants are human beings too. A lot of them may not see all the risks that comes with trying to cross the border along with all the issues and problems immigrants face. In Aviva Chomsky’s “How immigration became illegal” she tries to get Americans to understand what it might feel like trying to come to America and really shows it from an immigrant perspective. Chomsky really talks about all the issues and problems immigrants face trying to come to America and the risks that they take. Many immigrants can cross the border without inspection that because of the dangerous route they take to get here. But also because there is a lot of the border that is unmarked and unpatrolled. Lynnaire Sheridan, head of…show more content…
As crossing the border became a lot harder to do the crime rates went up, a lot of gangs, drug traffickers and professional smugglers became involved in all of this. A lot of the time immigrants would keep money on them for their trip to the US which caused a lot of kidnappings one case was in El Salvador when some victims from different countries were kidnapped demanded money when they refused they were all slaughtered. In another case there was 49 mutilated bodies and they were all dumped on the highway. This just goes to show why so many people wanted to leave, because their countries economy was bad and the crime rates were terrible. In other countries such as Brazil, some travel agencies actually try to sell package deals where they would catch a flight to Mexico and then meet a coyote where they then would be in America. Social class had a part in this as well, poor people had to pay a huge amount of money for the same privilege as the rich. If you were a poor Dominican than you had to take the more expensive, riskier and indirect route just to make it to Mexico. Those were just the issues that migrants faced just trying to cross the border. They still had a lot more problems when they got to the US. A lot of these issues were with work. Mexican workers have been such an important part of the US economy. There was a program called the Bracero program. This was made back in the time when racism was major back in the 60’s

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