The Immigration Control And Refugee Recognition Act And The Years It Was Amended

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Yashiaki Sato talks about several factors in Japans immigration policy. The paper begins by stating the Immigration control and refugee recognition act and the years it was amended. The paper continues to talk about how in recent years; Japan has accepted a very little amount of refugees compared to other nations around the world showing their restrictive policy. The paper also shows how in areas of need like the field of nursing, Japan is willing to open the door in order to benefit that sections of the economy. what this paper does not go over iare the other economic factors that drive the policy makers to make a restrictive immigration policy.
Ayako Komine speaks in depth about how Japanese immigration policy in settlement oriented. This meaning that immigrants are not encouraged to neither become citizens, nor stay in the country for and extended amount of time. The paper continues to discuss the types of immigrants Japan would accept into the country. Nikkeijin and Zainichi were described as the only type of immigrants Japan would take in that were considered t be unskilled, because they would increase labor while still allowing Japan to hold on to its homogeneity. It later discusses how Japan will accept skilled workers in order to increase certain aspects of it labor force such as the fields of science and engineering. What this paper showed was how japan has tried to balance taking in new immigrants into the country while trying to keep their homogeneity in place for
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