The Immigration Crisis Of The United States

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The immigration crisis Akash Patel Economics 3rd Period One of the biggest crises the United States fracases is illegal immigrant. Even though we know about the problem we don’t do anything that is effective. Because of illegal immigrant people born and raised in America are losing jobs. The current immigration crisis in the US is years of mishandling and gone bad. Many of the current immigrants here were originally here. This mentality has led to a huge increase in numbers of illegal immigrants. For example, it is believed that the current number of illegal immigrants is around 10 to 20 million if not more. Another problem is that the Obama administration has dropped the number of cases of deportation. Why isn’t Obama dropping the deportation cased. This means tons of money is spent on border security, but the immigrants who make it through are likely to stay here and use up resources such as money, in turn increasing the national deficit more than needs to be done. Another problem is when it comes to family. Pregnant women come to the US and have children. This leads their kids to be legal citizens of the United States. In 2010 about 4 million United States born children had one parent who was here illegally. By now there are probably more than 5 million. Many US citizens either frown upon agricultural work or see it as boring Mexican society, however, provides Mexicans with an agricultural work ethic and many would
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