The Immigration Enforcement Has Brought On The United States

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Similar to previous election cycles, a prominent issue on everyone’s mind is Illegal Immigration. “Border Enforcement, Organized Crime, and Deaths of Smuggled Migrants on the United States – Mexico Border” by Rob T. Geurette and Ronald V. Clarke analyzes how strong immigration enforcement has brought about the rise of human smuggling along the southern border. The paper starts by providing a baseline of the illegal immigration situation in the prior to the early 1990s. They state that immigration was something of a non-problem. That illegal immigrants wishing to enter the country would simply cross the border. When Border Patrol agents caught illegal immigrants they would be placed on a bus back to Mexico and would simply cross the border…show more content…
On the whole, these are all consequences of decisions brought about through partisan politics. With immigration being such a divisive issue, we should always be cognizant of the ramifications of immigration policies. The policies set forth by Congress and enforced by the Immigration and Customs Enforcement, formerly the Immigration & Naturalization Service, should always be conceived with non-partisanship and solely with the best interests of the nation in mind. However, popular pundits and politicians seeking reelection on both sides of the aisle have created a massive division that has caused people to refuse to accept some form of middle ground on the issue. For instance, when someone is for strong immigration enforcement then they are quite simply xenophobic disgusted by the idea of immigrants. Yet, if someone believes in an immigration process that allows for good hard working people to easily enter the country, then they must simply not care about the rapist, murderers, and gangsters that will inevitably flow through the border. With people refusing to accept any semblance of a middle ground on illegal immigration, the policies set forth by congress have done nothing but exacerbate the issue of human smuggling. The majority of these partisan decisions has done little to affect border security. Rather, the decisions have driven demand for the lucrative and deadly smuggling of

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