The Immigration Issue Is A Complicated Facet Of Our Society.

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The immigration issue is a complicated facet of our society. The idea of illegal immigration has become significantly more prevalent within our country, as it has become a major topic of discourse and a force that polarizes America at large. Many Americans have begun to see immigration as a determent to our economy, our safety, and to the core values of America, other have encouraged immigration. Those in the latter group have seen the benefits of immigration, the mixing of cultures, and allowing those in dire situation to escape to the north, in search of a better life or The American Dream. In Aviva Chomsky’s book titled Undocumented: How Immigration Became Illegal, she explores the truly tragic plight of the immigrants, and the outcome…show more content…
She asserts that these modern inventions are now used to justify legal status, and through that, create laws that inscribe inequality. Chomsky traces the rise of sovereign states back to European domination, conquest, and the idea that these countries rose due to the need to be able to legally state whether a person can move. During the time that explorers came to what is now America, they saw themselves as superior, strongly due to their Christian ideals. Compared to those natives of the lands the Europeans were conquering, the natives were seen as savagely barbaric. This idea then translated into the idea of who belongs where. The Christians that came seemed to think they belonged everywhere, as a way to spread their religion. Thus, European governments followed suit, trying to impose their control in these new lands as a way to grant the benefits of their administrations to the people. In order to do this, countries, governments, and laws were created to authorize themselves to be able to follow these pursuits. Chomsky notes that, now, the idea that someone being born in the “wrong place,” thus making them illegal in the eyes of the law, has allowed for the exploitation of migrants. The mistreatment of the immigrant has created a dual labor market, as Chomsky states, that forces immigrants into low paying jobs that make having the job a privilege instead of an obligation. This becomes very apparent as Chomsky highlights the jobs that many

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