The Immigration Law Of 140 Years

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Throughout the years we have gone through various achievements; the election of the first “Black” President; the release of enslavement; the approval of “Gay” marriage and more, yet immigration still remains untouched. Now that is clearly an exaggerated statement, but The fact that the immigration law of 140 years ago is still not seen as a type of repression and the American current civilization is still in denial of it, is what makes it ever so severe. From the first immigration policy: the Page Act of 1875, to the Immigration reform and Control Act of 1986 the immigration policies have remained the same. Both acts, among others are not written for the safety of one country but for the racial discrimination of one specific group of immigrants, now especially to Latin Americans. Because of this discrimination is why it is so essential to understand how the immigrants have continued to exclude people and have not changed over time. The Page Act determined whether the immigration of any subject of China, Japan, or any Oriental country, to the United States, is free and voluntary. Further the importation into the United States of women for the purposes of prostitution was forbidden and deemed a conviction of no more than five years of prison time (Included in Chapter 141 Section 3 and 5 session 2). This act was incredibly specific in its exclusion, it deliberately targeted a particular group and limited their entrance for example by adding one characteristic (prostitution)

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