The Immigration Of The United States

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From the moment of its inception, the United States has always been a nation of immigrants. Throughout American history, the numerous immigration waves have undeniably defined the infrastructure of America. By bringing a different set of views and innovative ideas, immigrants injected the economy and advanced technology through innovative work. However, the United States has not kept up its immigration policies with the changing times for the past three decades. Many people are blaming illegal immigration for the loss of “American” jobs and why many Americans cannot find work today. Many businesses are hardly ever penalized due to the fact that this Nation lacks a practical method to verify the newly hired workers work eligibility. The…show more content…
Democrats enacted this immigration bill compromising in different areas in order to attract the vote of Republican Representatives. This brief will analyze H.R. 15 by revising its content, analyzing the compromise made between both Democrats and Republicans and exploring the possible implications an immigration reform could have in the socio-economic status of the United States. It has been nearly three decades since the last time Congress reformed our immigration system. From the Reagan era to the Obama administration, the country has undergone financial, social and political changes yet our immigration policies continue to be the same. Since the implementation of the last immigration reform in 1986, the United States government has spent nearly $187 billion in immigration enforcement agencies and programs alone (Meissner, Kerwin, Muzaffar & Bergeron). The high costs and the increasing public concern has led Americans to recognize the brokenness of our current immigration system and how it has not kept up with changing times. Research has shown 71% of Americans say undocumented immigrants should have a pathway to remain in the country legally (Pew Research Center). Although Congress and the White House have had numerous failed attempts to pass immigration reform in the past, H.R. 15 proposes an updated bipartisan system that can further secure the borders and solve problems surrounding immigration (Border Security, Economic Opportunity and Immigration Modernization
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