The Immigration Of The United States

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The United States of America, A country founded on the concept of immigration. Wether that was immigrating to the colonies in the early stages of the country, or the immigration of millions into Ellis Island from the late 1800’s to the mid 1900’s, Its been a strong part of the backbone of this country. The current immigration polices are not harming Americas social or economical wellbeing because those here illegally currently pay sales tax, bring families together and support the American dream, and the GDP benefits. With these combined reasons it allows us Americans to gain comfort in welcoming more hardworking people into out melting pot of a country we like to call home.
First we look at the impact on an economical standpoint for the illegals here now. Just as we citizens go to the store to purchase food, clothing, and other basic needs, illegals immigrants do the same exact thing. This means just as we pay sales tax, so do they. Illegal immigrants are paying into our taxes one way or another, so with the money they earn we can see some of it go towards the social programs that legal US citizens take advantage of, the same social programs that the immigrants cant get access to but desperately need. “Based on estimates compiled by the Institute for Taxation and Economic Policy (ITEP), the Immigration Policy Center reported that the $11.2 billion in taxes paid by illegal immigrants in 2010 included $8.4 billion in sales taxes” (Longly). Here we see that illegal immigrants
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