The Immigration Of The United States

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Would you turn someone in need of dire help away from your home? Well, that is exactly what is being done when immigrants are not allowed in this country. Immigrants often leave their native land to escape some sort of tragedy, whether it is gang violence or drastic unemployment, it cannot go unnoticed. America was built on a melting pot heritage, but now America is turning away immigrants with no hesitation and is not upholding the very heritage it was built upon. America claims to embrace diversity but fails to provide adequate support to legal immigrants. Some legal immigrants struggle to obtain necessary paperwork to even establish a healthy life in America. Immigrants that are here legally are left on their own and several potential immigrants are left dead at the border. Immigration reform is necessary because legal immigrants struggle to create a life for themselves, it is inhuman to stop migration, immigrants have the potential to stimulate the economy, and the United States cannot afford to deport illegal immigrants.
As immigrants become legal citizens of the United States, they attempt to build a stable life. This often serves as a challenge because the resources are not openly available, though a few non-profit organizations aim to assist immigrants, immigrants are unaware as to how to seek out such organizations. Several immigrants live below the line of poverty due to lack of decent employment and under the radar of official authorities due to fear. I meet
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