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"What makes someone American isn 't just blood or birth but allegiance to our founding principles and faith in the idea that anyone - from anywhere - can write the next chapter of our story." -President Barack Obama. A person who leave its home country to another and settle in, is an Immigrant. An immigrant may strive for a better living by getting a job as an emigrant employer for long term or even for a short period as a foreign worker, and to experience a different culture in another country. Immigration is a crucial issue that the United States had faced for years because it brings impact to the country’s economy, population, workforce and many more. The nation that Immigrants should be legal is a fasacinating one, and one that I…show more content…
(Sewell Chan) Different people from different country brings a different culture to the United States, with its own way of thinking, skills, values and thus, this is how the term “Melting Pot” came across to the United States, it was defined as a metaphor of a mixture diversity with people from a different kind of ethnicity, backgrounds and cultural. This helps to ease the mythological thinking of the local people and immigrants could bring their culture into the U.S to establish it. Immigrants tend to be eager to find a job, no matter if it’s a small job, to earn a sustainable living or to send money to their families. For example, “if a Haitian resident arrives in the United States looking to do the same job he performed in his native country, his wage will increase tenfold compared with what he was making back home.” (PAN AM POST JUN 30,2014)

The biggest impact that Immigration brought to the United States is the economy. Immigration boosts the economy. This is because the more the immigrants, the more the consumer; the more the consumer, the more people pay sales taxes, loans, insurance and many more, all these boost the country’s economy. "Immigrants contribute mightily to the economy, by paying billions in annual taxes, by filling low-wage jobs
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