The Immigration Problem Of The United States

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The Solution to Our Immigration Problem: Expedite the Process The United States of America is facing a huge dilemma. This is the current immigration process and legalization of illegal migrants. It seems like nowadays immigration is all we hear about and how it is the only policy on which our population cares about. Which is sensible, because of all the refugees coming into America seeking asylum from their war torn countries. America has always been a glittering beacon to immigrants in foreign countries who want to better themselves and live out the American dream. Knowing when they come over here they are not made legal automatically. They also have to face the stigma and prejudice of being an immigrant. Many Americans believe illegal immigrants come to the United States just to abuse the system and take jobs away from the citizens. Little do they know the application fee to come a permanent citizen is way over-priced. Also, the wait time for spouses to be legalized is too long. The time has come for our politicians to step up to the plate and get our immigration problem fixed. To make the process of becoming a naturalized citizen easier and seamless. We need to lower the cost of applications, expedite the time it takes for a spouse to be naturalized, and lower the amount of temporary visas given out. If these steps are taken our immigration system will be vastly upgraded. Did you know one of the big reasons as to why most illegal immigrants are not becoming
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