The Immigration Trends Over Time

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Talon Couch
Steven Fountain / History 150
Region Assignment
December 11th, 2014
Region: Southern California Regions across the United States have been changed dramatically by the immigration trends over time. The region of Southern California is no different. When the people in an area change that areas culture is going to change as well, southern California is a great example of that. Yet while changes in history do not change the physical lay out of the area it does affect the culture tremendously. The culture in Southern California specificly is a mix of multiple people making it extremely diverse depending on the area that you are in. The history of this area makes the culture different from other regions due to the change from Mexico to the United States. The state of California is a great example of first successful settlement. Spain started exploring California in the 1500’s. Yet it was not until later on that Spain colonized the area. While Spain was in power the culture of California was Spanish speaking and living on large ranches. People today may not live as they did back when it was settled, but many parts of Spanish culture were left behind. As the first people to settle effectively in that area they were able to set main cultural identities, one of these would be language. California has been part of the United States for nearly 200 years yet still to this day twenty six percent of all of California speaks spanish. This is a large amount of people that…
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