The Immigration Waves And Asian American Immigration

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Veronia Hana
Danni Dempsey
21 July, 2017
Midterm 2
To commence, there are three immigration waves known for the Asian American Immigration to the United States and they are simply represented as: first wave for those who came to seek gold, second wave for those who can contribute to the United States, and third wave for the refugee.
Many immigrants such as Chinese, Japanese, Europeans began to immigrate to the United States in hope to achieve the American Dream where they become rich and wealthy during America’s gold discovery. The Chinese began immigrating to United States between 1840-1890s due to the political and social instability of China (pg.6). According to Mann, Numrich, and Williams in their article: “Buddhist, Hindus, and
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This movement known as the brain drain movement where “Uncle Sam” representing the government would compare the individual’s knowledge and pick the best to be under him. These individuals were used as scabs at the time. “Uncle Sam” would only take in people who represented a high class in their own culture. He would pick and choose between scholars, doctors, lawyers, engineers, professors, and anyone else that can benefit America, leaving their origin country with nothing. However, this moment was only advantageous to the United States because it helped occupy the different employment positions in the United States.
Lastly, the last flux of legal immigrants was from 1975-1980s which became known as the third wave where refugee immigrants such as Vietnamese, Cambodians, and Laotians began to move to the United States seeking security and protection. During this time the Vietnam war was happening between the Vietnamese and the Communist; however, the Vietnamese knew that they would lose as Bich explains in her memoir of Stealing Buddha’s Dinner. The United States was offering aid to the Vietnamese at that time to help them along the way, yet that was not enough. Bich explains that the people in Vietnam knew

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