The Immortal Life Of Henrietta Lacks By Rebecca Skloot

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McKenzie Bowles Biology Paper December 9, 2015 Introduction The book the Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks by Rebecca Skloot is about an African American woman who lived with her husband Day and her children Sonny, Dale, Elsie, Lawerence, and Zakariyya in baltimore, Maryland. There in Baltimore, Maryland is where Henrietta died of Stage I Cervix Cancer at the age of 31. Henrietta 's cells were taken to study on. her cells were sold and bought by billions and billions of scientists. Once Henrietta died she was famous for her cells. Rebecca Skloot wanted to know more about henrietta 's life so she met with her family, like cousins and sisters. Key Idea 1 HeLa cells are the human epithelial cells of a strain maintained…show more content…
Henrietta 's father couldn 't handle any of the children after Eliza died, so Henrietta 's father sent them all to Clover, Virginia to be divided among their relatives. At the age of 4, Henrietta got the nickname Hennie, ending up with her grandfather Tommy in a two-story log cabin that use to be a slave quarters. Henrietta shared a room with 9 year old cousin Day. Key Idea 4 In 1935, at 14, Henrietta gave birth to her first child Lawrence. In 1939, Elsie her daughter was born. On April 10, 1941, Henrietta got married to Day. Close to the end of 1941, Day was told to leave the tobacco field, so he moved to Maryland, with Henrietta and the children following. Not too long after the move, Fred was called to fight in World War II and so he gave all his savings to Day. Day used the money to buy a house in Dundalk, Baltimore County, Maryland. That community was one of the largest and earliest African American community. Day moved with Henrietta and their three other children: Sonny, Deborah, and Joseph. Joe, the last child was born at the Johns Hopkins Hospital in November of 1950. Their first daughter was "different" or "deaf and dumb" and soon after Joe 's birth Elsie was placed in the hospital for Negro Insane. Elsie then died there in 1955. Key Idea 5 After George learned that Henrietta was dead, he wanted cell samples from hr organs. George knew that a lot of scientist wanted to grow different types of cell
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