The Immortal Life Of Henrietta Lacks By Rebecca Skloot

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Katelyn Bowles Anatomy Essay December 6, 2015 Introduction "The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks", by Rebecca Skloot, is about an African American woman born and raised in Roanoke, Virginia, and later dying in Baltimore, Maryland. Through her a life she battled a cancer that was often called a cervical cancer, and she later died in Baltimore, Maryland. Henrietta Lacks, born as Loretta Pleasant, is commonly known for her cancer cells called, HeLa, which is a name made from the first two letters of her first and last name. This book was very informational, not only for family purposes, but for science too. It has a lot to relate to science, whether readers realize it or not. Key Idea 1 In 1999, Rebecca Skloot, reporter…show more content…
So she then called David Lacks, husband of Henrietta, and he didn 't want anything to do with it either. After that she still didn 't give up, so later in the future Deborah finally agreed to talk to her and now here Rebecca is with a book about Henrietta Lacks and it is very successful. Key Idea 2 Henrietta was the daughter of Johnny and Eliza Lacks Pleasant. Tommy Lacks was Henrietta and David "Day" Lacks grandfather that had raised them both, and at Tommy 's tobacco farm was where Henrietta and Day fell in love. At Tommy 's farm, there was a man named "Crazy Joe" Grinnan, who was Henrietta 's cousin, that was obsessed with Henrietta and once he found out that she was marrying Day, he tried to kill himself, but gladly his father found him and saved him. Henrietta had a sister, Gladys Lacks, who disapproved of their marriage, but that did stop them. Later on, Henrietta and Day had an amazing and wonderful family, including: her two daughters, Elsie Lacks(born Lucille Elsie Pleasant) and Deborah "Dale" Lacks; and her three sons, Lawrence Lacks, David Jr. "Sonny" Lacks, and Joe Lacks, who later changed his name to Zakariyya Bari Abdul Rahmen. Key Idea 3 Henrietta Lacks discovered a knot in her womb one day and went to the Hopkins Hospital, in the gynecology clinic for "colored" people. Henrietta had been telling her friends for more than a year that something was hurting and it
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