The Immortal Life Of Henrietta Lacks

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The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks was a very hard book to put down, for so many reasons, and really opened my eyes to the unethical ways of medicine back in the mid 1900s. In some ways a discovery like that was imperative for us to make so many important breakthroughs in medicine and I’m thankful for everything discovered because of it, but I am also appreciative of the regulations that have been made, potentially because of this story, that don’t allow you to just take someone else’s cells and DNA and use it how you please without the individual or family of gaining anything for the contribution. Public Health is the monitoring of the health of a population as a whole. This ranges from accidents such as car crashes to gun shot wounds…show more content…
Also, had they known the cells were so special, they would have known what the doctors were doing when they asked for a sample of their blood to be sure they didn’t have any issues like Henrietta, while they were actually checking to see if their cells were special as well. With that knowledge, they could have demanded and incentive, and also demanding a share for Henrietta’s cells. I think more than anything the family and community felt confused, used, and disrespected. On a national level, I’d say this event affected us positively in more than one way. While we all do feel terribly sorry for Henrietta, her family, and the rest of the humans experimented on with these cells, the event did bring the unethical practices that doctors were using based on race or status to attention and helped to get laws put into place to protect us and our rights. I don’t believe you could ask prisoners to volunteer to have cancer injected to them repeatedly, and had word gotten out that a doctor injected a cancer patient with more cancer cells, just to see what would happen, we’d have on more inmate and quite possibly a patient beyond treatment. Another way it has positively affected us is the medical discoveries that have been achieved due to these cells. It’s a very sickening story, and we should all be grateful for the things

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