The Immortal Life Of Henrietta Lacks

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The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks

The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks is a book written by Rebecca Skloot in 2010 that tells the story of Henrietta Lacks and the immortal cell line known as HeLa found in her cervical cancer cells in 1951. Rebecca Skloot first heard about Henrietta Lacks in a college biology classroom back when she was a teenager. Henrietta Lacks was a 31 years old black tobacco farmer who died of cancer, and without her or her family’s knowledge, a sample of the HeLa cell was taken from her and was used in medical researches. The HeLa cells were the first human cells to survive and multiply, and since it was taken has been used in scientific research all over the world, and have played a huge role in medical developments. Deborah, Henrietta’s daughter told Rebecca Skloot she had always thought it was strange, even though her mother cell did so much for medicine, her family can’t afford to see doctors. A lot of people had gotten rich with the usage of Henrietta Lacks HeLa cells, but her family never knew about it and they never got money for it. Deborah just wants to know who her mother was. The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks was split into 3 parts, the first part talked about her life, the second about her death, and the last about her immortality. In part one,we learned a bit about Henrietta’s childhood and marriage, we also learned of her visit to the doctor claiming she had ‘a knot’ in her womb, and the doctor needed to have a look. Henrietta had…
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