The Immune System Essay

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The Immune System The Immune System is a group of cells, molecules, and organs that act together to defend against disease. The body depends on the immune system to seek and destroy bacteria or viruses that could cause harm. There are two types of immunity: innate and adaptive. Innate is the body's first line of a defense against the disease. The innate immunity helped by barriers such as skin, tears, mucus, saliva, and infection. But the innate can't usually prevent disease completely. After the disease has passed through this it has a specific immunity which is known as adaptive immunity. The adaptive immunity has four parts. First it responds only after the invader is present. Second, it uses its response to act on a specific…show more content…
In most cases, the toxins excreted by the pathogens find there way into the circulatory system. Thus, sometimes, the infection is caused somewhere else from where the toxins were excreted. An example of this would be Rheumatic fever. The toxins that cause this disease are excreted by the pathogen as a by-product of metabolism. Usually, the pathogens that cause rheumatic fever are located in the throat. As the toxins enter the circulatory system, it travels along the system and eventually causes an infection in the heart valves. Yet another example of where the disease is in a different location then where the toxin was released is Dipheria. The pathogen that causes Diphtheria is usually located in the throat. As the toxin is released, it travels all the way to affect limb muscles and the heart. Examples of where the disease is at the site of the bacteria could be Tetanus and Tuberculosis. The tetanus bacteria release a deadly toxin, which can affect the whole body, which causes paralyzation. As it affects the whole body, the disease would most likely be caused at the location of the bacteria. This disease will not always paralyze your whole body but most of the time; it would paralyze your jawbone. Thus tetanus is also known as lockjaw. Tuberculosis as a disease that affects the lung cells. The toxins also affect the lung cells. Therefore, the pathogens for tuberculosis could be found near the site of disease. In our environment, we encounter all sorts

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