The Imortance of Sytems, Processes, and Exercise in Small Business

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Introduction: The review of systems, processes and policies is an exercise that many Small Medium Enterprises overlook and this is certainly evident at Promax Engineered Plastics. To date the company has had a focus on sales and marketing without the focus on backroom procedure, thus the opportunity to reduce waste, improve flow and eliminate bottlenecks is significant. This report is going to review the system of dealing with inbound customer complaints at Promax Plastics. It will look at the types of complaints and review the questions that the customer services representatives ask. It also will look at the current method with which communications are circulated and then recommend changes that need to be implemented throughout the…show more content…
Communication & Reporting: Once the answers to the above questions are gained, it is essential that they are recorded, collated and saved in a file or on a platform accessible by all staff. Before the this system had been mapped the common practice and method for communicating the complaint was via email, various scraps of paper and verbal conversations – this invariably lead to multiple problem including miscommunication, loss of information and failure to complete tasks as the information trail was disjointed and loose. Emails would get lost in large inboxes, paper in amidst the clutter and conversations through the bustle of every day jobs. It was calculated that over 80% complaints could be solved the same day if proper communication channels are used, this is over against the current average of 5 days to solve a complaint. It is recommended once the rep has gained the relevant answers to the questions, the rep will then open a case in the CRM platform Salesforce which Promax uses across all branches. It has been necessary to move all communications to one platform to ensure efficiency, effectiveness and no loss of records. A significant risk was identified within Salesforce, this being when the tasks & cases are created they can also be closed before all parties have completed their assigned tasks, meaning that a case could be inadvertently closed before all tasks are completed. This poses a very real risk of

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