The Impact Of A Poor Communication Climate On The Workplace Essay

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This study will include a formal and comprehensive review of literature to provide a basis for the research. The literature review will consist of theoretical perspectives and previous research findings related to the communication climate in the workplace. The review will provide a focus for the study and to report the important concepts and data related to the attitudes and behaviors in the workplace. The review will include an overview of the behaviors, conflict resolution, and educating leadership on communication strategies. A variety of resources will be utilized for reviews of literature pertinent to the project and to answer the research question. Textbooks, professional periodicals and journals, online databases, and other reference materials will be the tools used to gather the data for the review of the literature. The researcher will utilize computerized databases, such as the Educational Resources Information Center (ERIC), journal articles, and abstract series, books related to mentoring, conference papers, and abstracts of dissertations, web site articles and research studies in preparing the synthesis of the literature collected.
The Impact of a poor communication climate Communication climate effect the tone of an organization as well as an employees

behavior and attitudes. The way we communicate contributes to the success of our organization,

and the communication climate (Nordin, Sigapalan, Bhattacharyya, Ahmad, Abdul, 2014).

pointed out the
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