The Impact Of Advertising On Marketing And Business

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Advertising is one of the most important things existent in marketing and business today. If businesses did not advertise, their consumers would never be informed about any services or new products that they are promoting. It is important to advertise so that the business can aware their customers on their company and the products that they sell and keep them up-to-date. “The advertising campaign is about much more than creating a cool ad and hoping people will notice it. The campaign should be intimately related to the campaign’s overall communication goals. That means the firm must have a good idea of whom it wants to reach, what it will take to appeal to the market, and where and when it should place its messages.” (Solomon, Marshall, and Stuart 414) There are many types of advertising mediums that are effective to deliver both high frequency and engage with the target market. Different media options can help a campaign meet its goals, therefore it is important for a market to select the appropriate advertising medium to use. “The creation of the advertising begins when an agency formulates a creative strategy, which gives the advertising creative the direction and inspiration they need to begin the creative process.” (Solomon, Marshall, and Stuart 416) In order to create a successful creative strategy, the business must choose which advertising medium is fitting for what they are trying to promote. An advertising medium that would be suitable for a national food
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