The Impact Of Advertising On Society 's Image Based Culture

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The Impact of Advertisements

We see advertisements surround us each day from commercials to billboards and fliers.
Have you ever wondered about how advertisements attract consumers? I will discuss the impact of advertisements have on consumers in an image-based culture. My topic is related to ethics course and is under chapter seven part two Persuasion in Advertising. In this chapter the authors of the Media Ethics Cases and Moral Reasoning book discuss Advertising in an Image-Based Culture, including marketing or advertising in the businesses, news media, and social media. The cases in this chapter introduce you to some ethical dilemmas encountered and the questions raised with regard to our marketplace of images. I am interested in this
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However, advertising also relies on how consumers absorb the meaning of the advertisement. This in turn, shows whether the advertisement was effective or not on the consumer. According to Shintaro Okazaki, Barbara Mueller, and Sandra Diehl, “Different ways of thinking thus may influence how consumers process advertisements grounded in different types of appeals” (Okazaki, S., Mueller, B., and Diehl, S., 259). The advertisement has to be effective in its message to attract the consumer’s attention. Some of the most important ways of attracting a consumer with an advertisement is to establish ethos and credibility. If a business creates and advertisement for a product and supports their product with research to back up their claims, the consumer will more than likely get the product and spread the word of it with their friends and family. According to Shintaro Okazaki, Barbara Mueller, and Sandra Diehl, “Although researchers have explored the prevalence of GCCP and examined the content of such advertisements, limited attention has been paid to the consumer perspective” (Okazaki, S., Mueller, B., and Diehl, S., 259). Some businesses may develop surveys to get an idea of the consumer’s interests and to help shape the product the business is trying to push forward. According to Shintaro Okazaki, Barbara Mueller, and Sandra Diehl, “A structured research design is described, including hypotheses, the creation of fictitious advertising, pre-survey examination,
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