The Impact Of Advertising On The Public Sphere Today

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Life of modern society is inconceivable without advertising background, which is more and more obvious, more active and current. Advertising has penetrated and gets into all areas of society, actively working on the social institutions and has a significant impact on the social behavior of people. Advertising transmits information not only about products, services, markets, but also on the social, political and other types of relations in society; its cultural constructions, including interpersonal relationships between men and women. Recent advertising tends to stereotype by allowing representing multivariate field of gender and sex. Study of the psychology of men and women, their difference from each other is directly related not only to the person but also to society as a whole. After all, the role of men and women in the public sphere today is undergoing significant changes. Social psychology of gender is a huge field for the study of prejudice, discrimination, social perception and self-esteem, the emergence of social norms and roles. In terms of gender identity such a character I found on the cover page of November issue in W magazine. What has caught my eyes are the nakedness of the models and “Be Beautiful” provocation on the reader that the cover page possesses. In view of the above, I will focus on the function of advertising as an ideological shell, the "technology" of the representation of gender images in advertising, and lastly, on the specifics of forming
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