The Impact Of Advertising On The United States

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As part of a capitalistic country, advertisements play an important role in business progression and consumer decisions in the United States, due to its aid to consumers to help make a purchase that would, in turn, help businesses and themselves go about their daily lives. With advertisements cleverly materializing on billboards, television, and a myriad of locations on the seemingly infinite space of the Internet, there is bound to be at least one that affects one 's decision-making process either the most or rather significantly. An advertisement that protrudes out into the light of memorable pieces of art, in terms of composition simplicity and personal impact, is an ad for Microsoft 's Windows 7 Operating System, intelligently titled "Life Without Walls". Using Jib Fowles’ Fifteen Basic Appeals, this ad for their personal computer operating system appeals towards the need for guidance, achievement, and the need to escape, while secondarily appealing towards the need for autonomy and to satisfy curiosity in a way that is pristine and superb. In Microsoft 's ad, there are certain key elements within the advertisement that appeal to consumers in a variety of ways. For example, in this ad we see a tall, skinny, middle-aged man standing before a wall that has been crudely carved out to make the Microsoft logo, letting in a bright light to occupy the room. Here, the need for guidance is provided by Microsoft, a well-known technology company that has existed since 1975 (News

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