The Impact Of Agile Software Development Approach On Industry Comparison Of Different Agile Methods And Their Applicability

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Impact of agile software development approach on industry Comparison of different agile methods and their applicability

Today when the software industry is progressing rapidly, software usage and demand is expanding. Software development is going to be more complex day by day. Changes requirements from the customers make it more difficult and complex. Old approaches of software development are no more useful in present scenario. They are not able to satisfy customers’ needs in given time [1]. As a result new approaches and methodologies are bringing evolved. These new approaches have more helpful to make a productive and flexible product. In modern research, to construct new mind-maps in a particular area of interest, comparison
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There are a number of software engineers who advocate this approach and there are huge software development organizations that prefer agile approach to use than other traditional methodologies. According to Andrew Begel and Nachiappan Nagappan [2] from more than two decade agile software methodology is gaining acceptance by the professionals since 1990. Due to fast changing technology, common customer can not define his needs properly. New approaches and methodologies were needed able to define changing requirements properly. Traditional methods such as waterfall model are not able to deal with real ways software engineering functions in software development. Some group of software consultants signed the agile SD manifesto in 2001. This was the era when agile software development was basically emerged. Main benefit of this approach is to promote and develop the response and speed of software development to change the requirement as well as deadlines [3] [4]. There are many agile methods used in agile software methods. The most known method is extreme programming generally called XP. Some others are Dynamic Software Development Methods DSDN, Scrum and Crystal. These mentioned methods can be considered as a new idea plan that is based on the traditional methods. Basic description of software development methodologies is given bellow as.
 Extreme Programming XP:
This approach focuses on the good
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